After Care

To preserve the benefits you have received from your orthodontic treatment, maintaining a careful home oral care program is vital.

The first part of that program concerns your removable retainers.  

  • Wear your retainers each night until instructed otherwise.

  • Keep the retainers clean by rinsing thoroughly with cold water. Do not use hot water because this will distort them. In addition, brushing the retainers can scratch the surface of the retainers. The retainers can be soaked twice a week in a 1:10 bleach:water dilution and then the retainers should be rinse thoroughly with cold water before using them again.

  • Do not eat/drink with your retainers in place and always store them in your retainer case when they are not in use.

The second part of the program is about oral hygiene. 

  • We recommend flossing and brushing your teeth twice daily. We will teach you how to floss under your fixed retainers.

  • If you have not had a complete dental examination and cleaning within the last six months, contact your family dentist and schedule an appointment.

Finally, as a patient of Takapuna Orthodontic Group, we will continue to monitor your progress for a year following the conclusion of your treatment. We also guarantee our fixed and removable retainers for 12 months. This additional care is part of your treatment at our practice. Please note there will be an additional charge if you lose your removable retainers or if your retainers do not fit anymore because you have not followed instructions properly.