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Here you will find a gallery of smiles that have been transformed following orthodontic care provided by our specialist orthodontists.

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Dental crowding is the term used to describe teeth that are maligned due to a shortage of space in the upper and lower dental arches.


An individual has a deep overbite when their upper front teeth excessively overlap their lower front teeth.


When a canine is prevented from erupting normally by hard or soft tissue it is called an impacted canine.



Interceptive treatment is provided at a younger age (less than 10 years of age) to prevent irreversible damage to the permanent teeth (adult teeth), to prevent or manage impacted teeth or to reduce a patient’s treatment needs during their teenage years. The example above demonstrates the change that occurred during the correction of a cross bite.


A large overjet is when the upper front teeth are positioned a long way forward of the lower front teeth. There are a number of underlying causes of a large overjet and the specifics of this will be determined on your first visit.


The term midline diastema is used to describe a space between the upper front teeth in the midline. This photo sequence shows both the reduction of the patients pre-treatment overjet and the closure of their midline diastema.