Early and interceptive orthodontic treatment

It is advantageous for an orthodontist to see your child early in their development for a variety of reasons including:

  1. To establish and build rapport.

  2. To commence the implementation of a program of oral hygiene which will promote oral health and facilitate orthodontic intervention in the long-term if it is required.

  3. To provide screening for issues that can arise during the process of dental development.

  4. To provide information to parents which can help them plan for the likelihood of their child requiring orthodontic treatment in the long-term.

In the vast majority of cases orthodontic treatment is better delayed until early adolescence with the emergence of the permanent dentition and the onset of the surge in the facial growth which accompanies the adolescent growth spurt. Orthodontic treatment for kids is usually interceptive in nature and usually involves a short course of orthodontic treatment aimed at the resolution of a specific problem which could worsen over-time it were left untreated.

Such problems may include;

  1. The maintenance of space when deciduous teeth have been lost prematurely.

  2. The correction of cross-bites.

  3. The management of permanent teeth which have impacted or have failed to erupt.