1. Initial Consultation

The first visit is a half hour consultation in which our orthodontists will discuss your concerns and your motivations for attending our practice.

Our orthodontists will perform an evaluation of your teeth and occlusion (bite) and then outline potential treatment options that could be used to address your individual problems and concerns. This appointment also serves as an introduction to orthodontic treatment and provides ample time for you to ask questions. Our orthodontists will also discuss the costs of treatment and the expected duration of any recommended treatment.

After their first visit many patients will proceed to record collection (see below) and treatment planning if they are at the appropriate age and developmental stage to commence their treatment. Others will not be ready to commence treatment for a variety of reasons and will be placed on our recall program.

Our recall program is a free surveillance service which allows us to monitor aspects of dental development and growth, as well as track the progression of specific problems or concerns.

2. Records Collection

For all patients who are going to undertake orthodontic treatment we will obtain a complete set of specific diagnostic orthodontic records, which includes study models, radiographs and photographs. The records in combination with our clinical examination provide us with all of the information necessary to develop and safely execute an orthodontic treatment plan. The recommended treatment plan(s) will be discussed along with our findings at the pre-treatment consultation.

3. Pre-treatment Consultation

Following an analysis of the diagnostic orthodontic records there will be a further pre-treatment consultation to discuss the recommended or proposed treatment plan(s) and provide a thorough overview of the entire process. The whole process is documented in a treatment letter which will be provided at the time of the pre-treatment consultation.